(a) How have I been stepping into his role?
(b) In what areas have I neglected his self-esteem?
(c) What things have I neglected to do that he likes?
(d) When and why did I not listen to him?
(e) What needs in the physical, emotional and psychological area have I neglected to meet?
(f) What is keeping me from being the companion and helpmate that I should?
(g) When and how did I give the impression that the children have become more important to me than he is?
(h) What has he mentioned recently that pointed to something that I am doing that is overtly wrong or deflating to him?
(i) What pressure does he have for which I’m not making allowances?

(a) In what areas am I neglecting our children and suffering guilt?
(b) When and why have I been irritable and/or unkind to the children?
(c) Have I not been doing my duty, with our children?

(a) What problems are unresolved with others?
(b) Have I been a good neighbor? How?
(c) Are there any unresolved problems with people in our church?
(d) Have unresolved problems made me irritable with others, such as clerks, business people, etc.?

Make Reconciliation Where Necessary.
Be reconciled; forgive and forget.

(a) If apology is to husband:
(1) Send him a funny card.
(2) Write a note and put it in his pocket or lunchbox.
(3) Fix his favorite meal.
(4) Buy him a gift.
(5) Ask him for a date.

(b) Accept your husband’s way of apologizing.
(1) Flowers or candy.
(2) Offer to take you out for the evening.
(3) Sex.

(a) Am I allowing myself to re-live a situation, picturing it in my mind, feeling again the emotions associated with this?
(b) Am I displaying the wrong behavior on the basis of the situation?
(c) Am I allowing “uncalled for” behavior to affect my relationship to this person?