with words of appreciation.

I found an old excerpt that I had written about Anthony  in 1992 in one of my old journals, under the Reasons Women Give Why Their Husbands Need To Change: The heading “DON’T CHANGE HIM – LOVE HIM;  It said, “After 13 years, I have found that I have  great respect for his wisdom. His knowledge, didn’t  come from any book but fromhands onself-learning that comes from REASONING and HAVE TO.”  We married young and grew up together without any parents to help guide us through the married years so we had, to learn as you go, so to speak. I do hope at some point I shared this with him. I do try to tell him often,  how much he means to me just so he knows that I believe and trust in him.  The success of a marriage isn’t about the big things in life – it’s about knowing the other person believes in you.

Most of us have more to learn, no matter how long we’ve been around. Recently, for example, I woke up to the fact that, if I could praise something my wife had prepared for our dinner, the whole evening would take on a brighter, happier tone. Why it took me 50 years of marriage to appreciate this simple fact, I’ll never know. ~ JOHN LUTHER