WHO on Swine Flu
http://who.int/en – Looking for authoritative information about the H1N1 flu virus (otherwise known as swine flu)? The World Health Organization (WHO) website is a good place to get it. This comprehensive site offers public health guidelines, updates on reported cases, pandemic status alerts, travel advice, and FAQs.

http://instructables.com – Go here to learn how to do just about anything better. The site features instructions for do-it-yourself projects in a wide variety of categories such as arts and crafts, games, gardening, music, pets, and technology. User-friendly videos and photos guide you through the projects, and user comments offer firsthand accounts of what it’s like to work on them.

Go Condo
http://pickpackgo.com – Take a trip through vacation rentals at hundreds of locations worldwide. Now is a great time to find a good deal on a condo and, since condos have kitchens, you can also save on restaurant costs by cooking for yourself. To use the site, just enter your destination, travel dates, preferred price, and other details to get your results. Photos and visitor comments provide a realistic description of each property.

The Grilling Coach
http://thegrillingcoach.com – It’s grilling season! And if anyone knows grilling, it’s Richard Myers, otherwise known as The Grilling Coach. This site offers detailed instructions about all things related to grilling including recipes, safety instructions, how to improve your grilling skills, and grill buying guides. Check out the instructional videos for more “hot tips.”

View the New You
http://weightview.com – Ever wonder what you will look like when you lose those extra pounds? Now you don’t have to wait for it to happen to find out. The WeightView site allows you to upload a photo of yourself and specify how much weight you’d like to lose, then sends you back an image of you at your target weight. You can use this image to motivate yourself to stay proactive about your goals. Check out the blog and join the community for additional support.