…to everyone who helped me with Steven’s graduation party and to those whom attended. The results were just amazing, from a friend Kelly Richmond who helped me do some major weeding, my neighbors Pat & Debby Guinther for loaning me their tent, friend Maggie Sexton for painting the cutest Tiki-man ever made, my daughter Mandy and her husband Alan for helping with almost everything; cleaning, decorating, pictures, food, etc., daughter Brandy for allowing her event planning education to kick in, son Craig for manning the grill, my sister Shirley and her daughter Teresa Ann for going overboard with me (too much food and balloons, and most of all I have to give a huge hug to the most incredible husband a woman could ever ask for, my husband Anthony Metcalf. He just sits back and never says a word. He kisses the babies, watches their every move to insure no one gets hurt and talks to the crowd. He just gives me free rein. Never stops me from doing any crazy insane idea or venture I can come up with; no matter how he really feels about it. Yeah, he may complain a little here and there but then he says, “Just do, what you need to do.” The only thing we need now is a professional photographer in the family to take some pictures. I can never remember to take pictures. I think it all came together wonderfully and at the end of the day I did manage to get a couple shots, not good ones but the results were: