Trying to find information on ancestors, Adkins from Whitley, Father was James M. Adkins, mother was Cynthia Anne Gatliff, my grandfather was Edward J. Adkins or Joseph E. Adkins, he married Laura E. King and they moved to Oklahoma City abt 1912.  James and Cynthia, plus at least one other son, John moved with them.  Help!!

I realized I should not have put all that info under James Riley Adkins and I apologize for that, but I fixed his old post, so it’s all good.

Now in response to your question: There are a lot of mistakes on this Whitley County, Kentucky Adkins Family tree.  I have another Adkins’ from Whitley and I know they do swing hard off my tree, but can’t find a common link until you get way up there.  When you see those given family names, you know they are our Adkins.  This may start another family feud, but…

What I have is:

1).  James Morgan Adkins son of  Lewis Adkins and Mary “Polly Ann” McCarty.  Lewis was the son of Jeremiah and Valentine “Vally” Bolin Adkins. Jeremiah was the son of  Thomas and Ruthy Lynch . Thomas was the son of Benjamin Adkins and Eve UNK. You’ll have to duke it out with them,  for the rest of it.

James Morgan Adkins
Birth Date: 19 Jan 1849
Whitley, Kentucky
Death: 1 Jan 1929
Whitley, Kentucky

Lewis Adkins
Mary “Polly Ann” McCarty

Now some people have him married to the Mary Jane McCarty that was 20 years younger than his own mother of the same name. They married on  20 Jul 1871 in Whitley. Others have him married to Mary Adkins, but she was a McCarty. Many Adkins and McCarty’s intermarried.

2) James M Adkins son of Elizah or Elijah F Adkins 1821-1880 son of Jeremiah and Valentine Bolin and his wife Perlina McCarty [Pevandry] Adkins 1822-1858 married to Cynthia Ann Gatliff in 1847-1856 but she is very much alive and well in 1900. They married about 1868 according to the families, but the only marriage I found for Cynthia Ann Gatliff was to a Thomas Joseph Curd. * The “F” in Elijah F most likely stands for “Farmer” – not proven.

3) James M Adkins son of  David Adkins (s/o David and Jemima)

Kentucky Death Records, 1852-1953
about James Adkins
Name: James Adkins
Death Date: 6 Aug 1854
Age: 39
Gender: Male
Birth Date: abt 1815
Birth Location: Whitley
Father’s Name: David Adkin
Mother’s Name: Susan Adkin

4) James M Adkins son of  Talbot Adkins – you may need to check on that one if you get a chance. I know this just leaves you with more questions than answers.

As usual, none of them can agree on where they go. But all seem to trace their roots back to Benjamin & Eve Adkins from South Carolina. His son Thomas Adkins married Ruthy Lynch and Elizabeth Creed. After looking at the names of his children I really do disagree. But I’m not tracking them – so more research will need to be done.  If I were you, I would ask a male heir from that lineage with unbroken DNA to verify from whence they have came. This is really bad since everyone has tied him to James M or A James W Adkins of same age that married a Mary McCarty.  Oh well, 1st cousins – maybe.

I will add that they may have used the Virginian method to remember their forefathers: Using anywhere from 5 to 8 given names in a row, to remember lineage. Now as to why they all were James M Adkins??? You’ll need to find out who “Morgan” was. I didn’t see a Morgan family or Morgan Adkins as a forefather listed anywhere,  but we shouldn’t rule that out.

In 1810 there are no “Adkins” listed in Whitley but by 1820 David Adkin, Jeramiah Adkin and Talbot Adkin. Most Adkins in Whitley went by Adkin. Thomas is the only Adkins using the “s” to Adkins in Whitley. 1830 still just David, Jeremiah and Thomas Adkins. Either Talbot has moved, is dead or he has changed his name to Thomas or this Thomas was a son and he has came of age. 1840 Thomas is an Adkin and David is an Adkins but now we have another Thomas and a Hanah and James and Jeremiah all living in Whitley. By 1850 Jeremiah born 1783 in South Carolina is dead and Vally Adkin is raising their children.

We’ll continue the search…