Forming a theory and then finding the proof that supports it… this may bring a new concept to what we thought we knew.

 I’ve always wondered why Granny Jane died in a little Mountain town in Georgia and how that we all knew that. 

Then I found this… Grandpa Norris (Norace) second marriage and one for Jane as well. Yes, it is possible that is was their daughter Jane E Metcalf that married William Black… possibly married Peter Todd first then she married William Black after a divorce or death but more likely it was her mother Jane. It’s always been my assumption that Jane was just “Jane” and not Mary Jane Claypool. Her sister Mary married William Metcalfe. Now I believe this was true and they were also possibly DIVORCED. We need to see the original. It should also prove his parentage. I have never be able ot find a marriage for any Claypool(e)’s in Madison County, Ky. 

Name: Norace Metcalf
Spouse: Elizabeth McSwine
Marriage Date: 23 Dec 1827

Marriage Records of Madison County, Kentucky Letters K, L, M Volume IV 1790-1843

 Name: Peter Todd
Spouse: Jane Medcalf
Marriage Date: 27 May 1821

Marriage Records for Madison County, Kentucky Volume VI Surnames S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z 1790-1843

 One of us will need to start swinging hard off the Todd tree to see if this hypothesis is correct. Then see how old sister Elizabeth McSwine was when she married old Granddaddy. 


Not sure what to do with this either: William Metcalf   Mrs Abizail Metcalf   5 Jul 1860 Grundy, Missouri


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