Things that cost nothing but a moment of recognition include…


…a hug or a kiss or a smile

…the scent of new flowers or fresh-mown grass or a rain shower

…the giggle of a child or the sight of a new puppy

…the look of delight when a child opens a gift

…the beauty of a sunrise or a sunset

…the sounds of a football game

…the delight in racing to lick an ice cream cone before it drips

…the sight of a loved one whom you’ve not seen for too long a time

…the joy when we see the price of gas drop a nickel or dime

…buds on a tree reminding us that spring and summer are almost here

…a thank you from a neighbor or a stranger whom you’ve helped

…a compliment you’d not been expecting

…the feeling when a tough job has been completed

…the smells of a clean tee shirt as you pull it over your head

…the beautiful new vehicle that catches your eye

…the feeling of relief when your physical exam turned out well

…falling asleep in your own bed

…being loved even when we might not be so loveable


This isn’t very bowdlerizing of me, I know, but we’d each do well to reflect on the many small treasures with which we’re blessed each and every day.  


A day will come when we’d give almost anything to be able to see or enjoy just a single one of these treasures and we’ll be unable to do so.


“Give a man a horse he can ride, Give a man a boat he can sail.”
-James Thompson