my grandfather is dewey medford adkins his mother and father were james a adkins and lillie blair adkins…they are all buried in my family cemetery along with my uncles james roger adkins and dewey medford jr if you know anything about james and lillie please contact me thank you…

Okay, Melanie here you go… but I do you need you to fill in a few of the blanks (names, dates, etc.) at the Dewey Medford Adkins Generation. I can adjust the post whenever I receive the information.  Here is your link to William V Adkins.


Dewey Medford Adkins

Birth 2 Oct 1913

Sandy Hook, Elliott, Kentucky

Death: 2 Jul 1993

Elliott, Kentucky



Dewey Medford Adkins Family Tree


4x Great Grandfather

William V Adkins (1689-1732)


4x Grandmother

Elizabeth Parker (1695-1735)


3x Great Grandfather

Richard Adkins (1717-1790)

s/o William V and Elizabeth Parker Adkins


3x Great Grandmother

Mary Molly Thacker (1735-1784)


2x Great Grandfather

Joel Adkins (1770-1856)

s/o Richard and Mary Molly Thacker Adkins


2x Great Grandmother

Rachel Emmerson (1764-1840)

d/o Samuel and Mildred Potter Adkins


2x Great Grandfather

John Adkins (1770-1840)


2x Great Grandmother

Josephine Johnson (1783- UNK)


Great Grandfather

Joseph Adkins (1805-1860)

s/o Joel and Rachel Emerson Adkins


Great Grandmother

Elizabeth “Bettie” Fuller (1808-1880)

d/o Thomas and Rebecca Apperson Fuller


Great Grandfather

Joseph Howard (1858-UNK)


Great Grandmother

Margaret Rust (1888-UNK)



James Turner Adkins (1860-1920)

s/o Joseph Adkins and Elizabeth ‘Bettie” Fuller



Rachael Howard (1865-1925)

d/o Joseph and Margaret Rust Howard


Known Children of James Turner and Rachel Howard:

From Elliott County, Kentucky

George Walter Adkins M 1881 in Kentucky

Milford Adkins M 1883 in Kentucky

William Walker Adkins M 1885 in Kentucky

James Albert Adkins M 10 Sep 1886 in Kentucky

Martha Jane Adkins F 1887-1976 in Kentucky

Rindy Adkins F 1890 in Kentucky

Mary E Adkins F 1892 in Kentucky

Parrie Ann Adkins F 1894 in Kentucky

Ida Adkins F 1896 in Kentucky

Henderson Adkins M 1888-1942 in Kentucky

(these birthdates may need corrected)


James Albert Adkins Sr.

Birth: 10 SEP 1886

Tomahawk, Kentucky 

Death: 2 FEB 1971

Greene Memorial Hospital, Xenia, Ohio



Lillie May Blair (1888-1954)

Daughter of David and Ellen Lovelace Blair

Known Children (with Lillie May Blair)

Dewey Medford Adkins (1913-1993)

James Albert Adkins Jr.

James Curtis Adkins

Leo Adkins

Mary Etta Adkins

Agnes Irene Adkins (1915-1996)


Father’s Other Spouse

Martha Adkins 1887-

Known Children (with Martha Adkins)

Wince Adkins



Ella Mabry (Mayberry)


Known Children

Ronnie Adkins 1969 Boyd, KY

James Roger Adkins 1966 Elliott, KY

Rebecca Frances Adkins 1965 Morgan, KY

Dewey Adkins 1963 Morgan, KY

Norma Faye Adkins 1961 Morgan, KY

Medford Adkins 1958 Morgan, KY

David Adkins 1956 Morgan, KY

Mary K Adkins 1952 Elliott, KY