Julia Lorraine Stump

Birth: 12 SEP 1937

La Cygne, Linn, Kansas

Death: 20 SEP 1978

Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio

Residence: Springboro, Ohio



3Great Grandfather David Washabaugh Stump (1790-1840)

3Great Grandmother Catherine Ripple (1790-1880)

3Great Grandfather Joseph Wood (1771-1857)

3Great Grandmother Elizabeth Keith (1780-1870)

3Great Grandfather George Davis (1785-1848 )

3Great Grandmother Elizabeth Able (1794-1860)

3Great Grandfather Zachariah Fugate (1810-1900)

3Great Grandmother Sarah Frazier (1810-1900)

3Great Grandfather James Harry Frazier (1803-1865)

3Great Grandmother Hester Hogg (1906-1872)

3Great Grandfather John Wilhelm Craft (1792-1856)

3Great Grandmother Susanna Hagins (1800-1860)

3Great Grandfather Joseph Back (1802-1850)

3Great Grandmother Permelia Belle Hogg “Meli” (1803-1850)

3Great Grandfather James L Risner (1810-1899)

3Great Grandmother Margaret Adams “Peggy” (1809-1899)

3Great Grandfather Thomas Pieratt (1820-1876)

3Great Grandmother Elizabeth Cox (1821-1904)

3Great Grandfather Isaac Wilson Nickell (1807-1847)

3Great Grandmother Mary Ann Oakley (1811-1871)

2Great Grandfather Francis Stump (1808-1862)

2Great Grandmother Perthana Wood (1807-1859)

2Great Grandfather Presley Davis (1815-1880)

2Great Grandmother Willa Nila Kelly (1816- unk)

2Great Grandfather Ira Estill Fugate “Lock” (1842-1877)

2Great Grandmother Margaret Frazier (1832)

2Great Grandfather John Linville Craft (1832-1905)

2Great Grandmother Nancy J Back (1840-1923)

2Great Grandfather Daniel Craft (1830-1905)

2Great Grandmother Idress Risner “Ida” (1833-1911)

2Great Grandfather John S Pieratt “Long John” (1943-1902)

2Great Grandmother Margaret H Nickell (1840-1905)

1Great Grandfather William Bradford Stump (1833-1869)

Great Grandmother Mary Elizabeth Davis (1838-1880)

1Great Grandfather Jacob “Jesse” Taylor (1842-1932) Parent’s Unk

Great Grandmother Sarah F Unknown (1839-1905) Parent’s Unk

1Great Grandfather Ira Steven Fugate “Tee” (1871-1926)

1Great Grandmother Nevada Craft (1872-1959)

1Great Grandfather Woodrow Wilson Craft (1862-1938 )

1Great Grandmother Alice Aretta Pieratt (1867-1937)

Grandfather Presley Stump (1857-1935 )

Grandmother Nancy Taylor (1877-1956)

Grandfather James Nathan Fugate (1897-1977)

Grandmother Mary Edna Craft (1900-1956)


Odis LeRoy Stump (Born: 1916-2001)


Elvia Mae Fugate (Born: 1918-1965)


Willie Louis Adkins (Born: 1937-2002)

Marriage 13 Aug 1955

Richmond, Indiana

Billy Ray Ball (Born: 1935-2007)

Marriage 10 Oct 1975

Middletown, Butler, Ohio

Known Children (with Willie Louis Adkins)

Shirley Ann Adkins (Born: 1956)

Ralph Lee Adkins (Born: 1957)

Sharon Kaye Adkins (Born: 1958 )

Sheila Jean Adkins (Born: 1961)

Robert LeRoy Adkins (Born: 1964)

Known Children (with Billy Ray Ball)


Linda Ann Ball Living Step-Sister



1937 Birth

1955 Graduation Lemon Monroe High School in Monroe, Butler, Ohio

1955 Marriage to Willie Louis Adkins in Richmond, Indiana because they had no waiting period in the state of Indiana.

1956 Birth of daughter Shirley Ann Adkins

1957 Birth of son Ralph Lee Adkins

1958 Birth of daughter Sharon Kaye Adkins

1961 Birth of daughter Sheila Jean Adkins

1964 Birth of son Robert LeRoy Adkins

1975 Marriage to Billy Ray Ball

1978 Death in Springboro, Ohio (injuries from a car accident)

1978 Burial in Springboro Cemetery


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