William Metcalfe & Elenor Metcalfe were the only two known children of James Metcalf and Mary Claypool. James Metcalf was the son of John and Mary Polly Norris Metcalf.

William Metcalfe 1770 North Carolina -1842 Oakland, Itawamba, Mississippi, USA married Esther Kuykendall with 4 known children.

  1. Mary Jane Metcalfe 1792-1866
  2. James Metcalfe 1798-1856
  3. Elenor Metcalfe 1803-1862
  4. Grace Thomas Metcalfe 1807-1864

Elenor married Simon Kuykendall. I have too many children listed for her but until someone says which dates are wrong, I will keep them on. I think it’s the same names with different death dates; this has made for serious confusion.

These Metcalfe/Claypoole families are our Metcalf/Claypool family DNA descendants. The same as the rest of the Metcalf’s from the siblings of James and Mary Claypool d/o John Claypool and Rachel Eleanor “Nancy” Scott, sister to Jane Claypool (Claypoole). A rose by any other name…

Claypoole had a E as well… At the end of a word, E is very often silent in English (silent e), where old noun inflections have been dropped, although even when silent at the end of a word it often causes vowels in the word to be pronounced as diphthongs, conventionally called long vowels (compare as a noun rat and as a verb rate).



Here is my question? The bible says if your born “UNCLEAN” illegitimate… you’re unclean unto the 10th Generation. So notwithstanding the obvious birthright, I’m only wondering how close the DNA markers stay after 1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, 100 generations? What gene do we carry that will show we are truly descended from any particular family SURNAME?

Think about this for a moment… If you start mixing Adkins/Reed/Stump/Fugate with Metcalf/Perry/ Pearson/Arnold then you add Metcalf/Robertson/Perry/West/Pearson/Coyle/Arnold/Davidson/Adkins/Montgomery/Reed/Cook/Stump/Taylor/Fugate/Craft and so on up the tree; this is only three generations? If you keep going up the tree you will continue to add Brummett/Murray/Hamilton/Logsdon/Pieratt/Hammond/Nickell/Blankenship/2 more Arnold’s/Moore/ and another UNK to this mix of aforesaid Surnames. Continue on further and your going to get even more Surnames.  In 5 generations you could have as many as 30 more or fewer Surnames, if none repeat.

These are just the ones I know about… some people we may never know how or if, they were related to us. Hopefully no one ever cheated. LOL Anyway, how can we really be sure if they are related? Does it really matter? With all of these different family traits combined; are we insuring a clean slate or making for an entirely new set of problems? Junking up the gene pool!


“It is a desirable thing to be well-descended, but the glory belongs to our ancestors.”   – Plutarch