I cannot figure this one out; at all. I hope I can get Grace’s help on this soon… ie: Two sets of Richard E & Lanie Matilda Perry’s. They were both born in Tennessee. Richard E Perry born 1874.  Richard was married to Bessie’s mom (Dora West), whom died giving birth to Bessie in Arkansas, he then Married Lanie Matilda Davis “Tilde” they had Virgil and moved to Rockcastle, Kentucky. There Bessie married Samuel James Metcalf and after the death of her brother Virgil in 1921 the family moved to Miamisburg, OH. I have found 2 different 1920 census for them one in Sumner, Tennessee with a different set of children and I can get parents for that Richard (Dick) Perry, living in Sumner. They were both the same age and the Richard living in Sumner was married to Lanie and the Richard living in Ohio wad married to Matilda. (Lanie Matilda Davis born 1886). The children living with them in Ohio were the ones born in Rockcastle, Kentucky and in 1930 Henderson Metcalf was still living with Dick his father and brother Bryan(t) with a few other new child – but no mother. The Richard that I’m  sure is our Richard is living in Ohio with Matilda and her children; Nellie and the other children. They just cannot be the same family with both census being filed in Jan 1920 with a baby born to each parent that year. I mean, what would be the odds of two exact families? Both Richard Perry’s of the exact same age being born in same state of Tennessee; both married to Lanie’s, the exact same age,  married to the other – and not being the same people??? I thought at first they were living in both states and the older sons were working the property and they were just traveling back & forth to maintain a farm but one woman cannot give birth to two different babies a few months apart and I really don’t think she would have left a new baby in another state and went back & forth. I guess it could be possible but not likely. Known children with Dora West:

  • Bessie Jane Perry 1900-1965

Known Children with Lanie Matilda (Tilde)

  • Virgil Perry 1912-1921
  • Nellie Perry 1914-1991
  • Pearl May Perry 1916-2006
  • Robert Perry 1919
  • Mary Ethel Perry 1922-1979
  • Opal Marie Perry 1925-1969
  • Charles Edward Perry 1928-1997

Possibles children with other Sumner, Tennessee : Henderson, Bryan(t), Malcom, James, Pat, Willard. (James & Willard maybe same person) If any of the Metcalf’s that can possibly answer this question, please let me know.