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If you’re having a wedding soon, then good luck for the big day, you’re probably nervous, maybe been dieting. And if it is a simple affair, without much pomp and finery, don’t let that worry you. All the extra stuff is only a way of showing celebration; people with more money will naturally spend more (Scrooges aside). But all this doesn’t necessarily reflect on the true magic of the occasion, which is the love between a man and a woman, which can shine through any setting, grand or humble.


All weddings are different of course, but nevertheless they also have many things in common, it can be useful to know in advance what you might expect. Plan your Wedding with local knowledge from recent newlyweds. It will give you a good basis for getting started planning your wedding. Discuss Weddings with other engaged couples on the message boards. Get advice and discuss ideas around planning your wedding, budget, invitations, apparel, rings, flowers, keepsakes, photography and videography.


Help your guests get familiar with the area and plan their itinerary. It’s quick, easy and free. Your guests will thank you for it!